Meditation for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Recovery

The other day, while explaining what I do as a meditation teacher to someone that has never meditated, she asked me if meditation wasn’t just an “escape from the reality of daily life?”

“No” I responded, meditation takes us directly to the center of our personal reality and shows us how our thoughts, fueled by positive or negative emotions, shape our perceptions and reactions to different situations that we experience daily. Using meditation, we learn to observe ourselves from a deeper, different perspective of nonjudgmental observation. This experience gives us wisdom through natural knowing to choose our best path, instead of simply reacting instantaneously, and in a negative, uninformed manner.

As we practice this method of self observation through meditation, our brains begin to change and we begin to change the way in which we view the negative experiences from the past.
When we learn to play a guitar, for instance, our brains create new neural pathways that become our new experience from practicing and training, which gives us the ability to pick up the guitar and play what we have learned, anytime we wish. This ability of the brain to change is called neuroplasticity.
Neuroplasticity is simply the changes in our brains due to our experiences. The practice of meditation is no different that other forms of skill acquisition that can induce brain changes that will guide us out of our addictive behaviors. We only need to go deeper within to do the work. As we do this work, our negative aspects that are locked away deeply within, begin to gently surface, allowing us to understand them on our own terms, at our own comfort level.
We begin to see the old thought patterns and negative emotional feedback that has always motivated us from behind the curtain start to come up and out into the light of reality. We can then begin to change our negative thoughts by not accepting them as being who we truly are. Once this begins to happen, we start to understand that we can shape our reality in the ways that will only benefit us and make our lives better. As we see the reality of the negative effects that substance abuse has had upon or lives and our loved ones, meditation becomes our one true conduit to the source of our actual well being through change, real lasting change. When our other substance abuse treatments have ended, and we find ourselves alone, meditation is still there and will always be there to let us connect with the eternal source.

Mind Rest Center offers several modes of meditation as well as Yoga Nidra to assist you in finding the practice that is right for you. Let’s meet and discuss your particular needs today.

Corporate Wellness

As we develop and grow in this world today, we find that we need to utilize our creativity and potential in new and changing ways. The business model of today does not remain static, but is constantly changing with the needs of the markets we cater to. To keep up with the vast amount of information, deadlines, and interaction within the team, we sometimes feel the need to rest and refocus our minds to our clearly defined goals. We sometimes need to backup and regroup to achieve a fresh, balanced perspective, allowing us a better concentration upon our area of endeavor, separating our logic from emotion, thereby enhancing our perception, and understanding, to manage and facilitate company resources in the most dynamic style possible.
To sharpen our focus and clear away unproductive movement, meditation has been proven in study after study to benefit the corporate setting with a more focused and proficient mindset overall. Large corporations worldwide have turned to mindfulness meditation, giving their employees these much needed tools to gain a more relaxed and balanced focus, by improving concentration and ease of production.
We have a meditation program that will allow you to integrate the tools of mindfulness meditation into your production schedule. We offer a meditation from both modern and ancient practices, that will greatly benefit your employees physically, emotionally, and mentally. We also offer ongoing support in training new employees. Give us a call so we can work together on a new program of mindfulness meditation for your company. We can teach meditation to all employees at once, or smaller groups, in your facility, or in our Mind Rest Center located at :

320 Main Ave N, Twin Falls, ID 83301

Personal Meditation Training

We offer one, two and three hour workshops to teach you the five essentials of meditation, giving you the proper ingredients and knowledge to start you own successful meditation practice. Our eight week meditation class, one night per week, takes you through our complete meditation training program, to transform your entire relationship to life.

Some of these meditation practices include, but are not limited to:

Mindfulness Meditation

Centering Meditation

Long, slow, Deep Breathing Practice

Body Awareness/Relaxation Practice

Breath Awareness Meditation

Heart Centered Breath

Self-Inquiry Practice

A Silent Mantra Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Mindful Walking Meditation

Mindful Eating

…and more

Mindfulness Meditation Training

We offer one, two, and three three hour classes, one, two or three days, in Simple, Easy, Every Day Meditation (SEED)™
We offer one on one coaching, and training, in our Meditation Center.
Group rates for companies with over 10 employees attending.
Please contact us for rates and scheduling.

Our Mind Rest Center building has comfortable, quite rooms with headphones for longer, more specialized meditations for your complete relaxation. These rooms are a good get away from the noisy, busy world for a peaceful meditation of your choice, guided or not.
We have larger rooms for anyone that would like to experience learning and meditating in a group, from five to fifty. There are also weights in the big room, for those needing to burn excess Cortisol and Adrenalin, to aid in the relaxation process. A complete approach, utilizing Diet, Exercise, and Meditation will in fact completely change your life for amazing results.
We offer many services coaching you to find the inner peace you have been seeking. Please call us and let us tailor a program of relaxation and meditation to fit your lifestyle.