Who We Are

Doug Elam

Douglas Elam

I am a McLean Institute Meditation Teacher in the beautiful state of Idaho. I became interested in meditation many years ago, as a teenager, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I discovered mindfulness, and learned how to deal with the constant flow of thoughts, while developing my practice with greater depth and benefit. I have experienced a greater calm and peacefulness from regular meditation, and I hope to share my knowledge with others.

Linda Elam

I was taught at an early age to meditate by an older Native America lady. It has been a way of life for me, enabling me to be focused and to keep calm in stressful situations. I have seen how powerful meditation is and how it can turn a persons life around. I am a certified meditation teacher from the McLean Meditation Institute and Life Coach. I am here to teach all ages to learn to meditate and enjoy living a more focused, calm and peaceful life, with the added benefits of better physical and emotional health.

See What People Are Saying

“My name is Malia and I was born April 2nd 1991. At a very young age, I delt with a lot of stress. Doctors diagnosed me with ADHD, because I struggled to learn, I struggled to focus, I struggled with my emotions, and I struggled to cope. At one point my parents even believed that I had a form of autism. My father struggled with dealing with that, and he did not know how to cope with all of it. I became a very insecure child. I never felt like I was good enough. I remember always thinking I was not smart enough. My doctors prescribed ridalin. I remember thinking I hated taking it. I didn’t want to take something that wasn’t me. I remember hiding it a lot from my friends and even family because I was so embarrassed having to HAVE to take it. Well I am 25 now. A young adult woman, and I no longer take Ridalin. I meditate and I breathe every single day. This is the first thing that I have done that actually works and has actually saved my life. I still struggle with my insecurities, anxiety, and fears but the difference is, it does not control my life now. This actually works, I am proof of that. I love that little girl that I was 20 years ago. She will forever be apart of me and she will now, never be alone. ”


Doug taught me how to relax in just a few minutes! Something I hardly ever do. I work in a stressful job, so I need to make “more appointments to take meditation to even a higher level. I actually bet Doug that he couldn’t get me to relax, needless to say I lost! Thanks Doug!”