Mind Rest Center

Rest your mind and your body will follow


Our Simple, Easy, Every Day (SEED)™ is a Mindful Meditation program which consists of modern techniques as well as ancient wisdom and practices. We teach the five essentials of meditation designed for beginners as well as experienced meditators.  This program is being used by multinational corporations, small businesses, and schools, as well as thousands of individuals daily, allowing them to become relaxed, resilient, and to live a more centered life.

Learning to meditate is the proven method to restore your natural equanimity in times of excess stress, anxiety, and physical issues. By creating a healing, relaxed state of body and mind, we are much more receptive to the natural healing and balance of our mind and body.

The meditation teachers at the Mind Rest Center have been practicing meditation for many years, and are certified through the McLean Meditation Institute, of Sedona Arizona, (http://www.mcleanmeditation.com) which is the originator of the SEED™ program. We teach several methods of mindfulness, breathing, and centering meditation, allowing you to develop the meditation practice that is right for you.

We invite you to contact us and reserve your place in one of our upcoming classes, so you may experience the calm tranquility meditation brings you. We welcome businesses and groups so we may help you create a more peaceful work environment with workers who are more focused and in control.  We also offer one on one coaching and instruction.

We are looking forward to meditating with you.